CMC Hunt Club has established a safe-hunting policy which includes the implementation of the Virtual Sign In Board program (VSIB).  This cell-phone app allows hunters to reserve a specific hunting zone for each hunt, and requires the hunter to check-out at the end of the hunt; verifying he is safely out of the woods.  We have divided each of the two major hunting properties into zones, based on stand location and safe hunting distances between each potential hunter.  Zone sizes may change from archery season to gun season, and from deer season to turkey season.


CMC’s Odessadale Property is 800 acres of managed pine land with numerous hardwood swags and an abundance of established food plots.   This property has been in the club for over 30 years and has produced some of the club’s best bucks.  Hardwood ridges and natural drains combined with new and mature pines create an excellent habitat for deer and turkey.  All CMC Hunt Club members have access  to the Odessadale property.



The Gaston Tract consists of over 1,400 acres of hardwoods, managed pines, open lanes, and numerous cultivated food plots.   The land has been strictly managed for trophy bucks for several decades and has produced racks in the 135 and above class.

The Gaston Tract is also where the camping compound is located.

Gaston Map 2016