At CMC Hunt Club, we make hunting safely our number 1 priority.   We also believe in responsibly managing the game population according to accepted wildlife management procedures.  The result is a healthy deer and turkey population that the land can support.  Through our supplemental off-season feeding program, seasonal food plots, and appropriate herd management, we have been able to foster a game population that produces trophy animals, as well as sustaining an ecologically-balanced environment for other wildlife.

As a club, we have instituted policies that address safety in the woods, harvest guidelines, and member work requirements.   Each member is required to contribute their time and energy during our spring and fall work weekends.   With everyone sharing in the duties, all can benefit and we can get the work done timely and efficiently.

All members are subject to the policies of CMC Hunt Club, LLC.  Members who demonstrate unsafe hunting practices, or conduct themselves in a manner unbecoming of a CMC Hunt Club member will be removed from the club roster, and will forfeit the remainder of their dues.