CMC Hunt Club, LLC is a family-oriented club with a membership base of outdoor enthusiasts from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds.  We place a high priority on managing and conserving our natural resources through proper game management practices while promoting hunter safety and ethics.

CMC Hunt Club has been in existence for over 40 years.   And much of our hunting property has been under club management since the club’s inception.  Our goal is to produce trophy bucks through proper land and herd management.  There are no fences, and our property neighbors also ascribe to similar hunting policies, resulting in a vibrant deer population that produces quality bucks annually.

While hunting is a primary focus of the club, our members equally enjoy the camaraderie and friendships demonstrated by a very low turnover rate in membership.  We attribute this to a careful new-member interview process which results in compatibility between all members of the club.

We also have a number of events and outings throughout the year that members may choose to participate.  From golf and fishing weekends, to South Dakota pheasant hunts, south GA quail hunts, dove hunts, spring and fall cookouts and more.